Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belphegor's Dupuytren

Track Analysis:
Belphegor's Dupuytren

Belphegor (without professing any undue knowledge, and going only by Peter Binsfield's definition as contained within
Binsfield's Classification of Demons, and even then only via Wikipedia's say-so) is said to be the chief demon of the deadly sin of Sloth, which was perfectly convenient as I needed a figure around which to construct a song based on just such a theme. And so, rightly or wrongly, I used him.

Dupuytren's Contracture is a condition which sees the gradual thickening and shortening of various tissues in the palm of the one's hand, eventually resulting in fingers that are unable to move freely and which are eventually pulled ever closer towards the wrist without having the ability to straighten out again; an obvious concern for any guitarist, and especially so when it's hereditary and has planted firm roots in one's lineage, as was recently discovered.

So the idea was naturally forced that I make haste to write and record an album designed to capture what acoustic fingerpicking ability I have before there's no longer the option to do so - should such beastly an affliction every drag its sorry self upon my stoop. Basically (and so far I've hardly been the definition of concise), without the threat of loss one might never breathe under sweat nor be shunted into action, and thus is revealed the signifinance of title; one must decide whether it's a shovel they've been offered or a justifiable shove.

And still, while all this is very well and good, it most assuredly brings us no closer to the song I've placed under such dreadful autopsy, and won't until the album is finished, I supect. As an introduction to the first project behind this blog however, it has at least served its purpose, albiet whilst resting upon something more resembling a gurney than any stage perhaps grander.

The album's title (containing of a subtle viking tone which can be de-emphasized or purposely misconstrued as one sees fit) relates to Dupuytren's Contracture occasionally being referred to as Viking Disease, and below is laid bare both this and its initial tracklisting, as yet in no particular order:

Cnut Whispers; and still the lowest ebb doth run

- Guidance Hymn (Pt.1, Bilks)
- Mégas Aléxandros (Oxus Rheuma and Thy Gordian Knuckles)
- Guidance Hymn (Pt.2, Belphegor's Dupuytren)
- In the Old Attic, to save the city, build a house of your own
- Rock Pigs (Pt.1, Squalor)
- Rock Pigs (Pt.2, Corruption)
- Eager after both gain and dominion (Transition 1)
- Rock Pigs (Pt.3, Exquisite Clutter)
- Carthage (Transition 2)
- The most natural painkiller what there is. LOVE.

Once completed, this will be released to all and sundry as a free download; I lay no claim to any talent which affords me a living.