Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crupt. OED. r

Track Analysis:
Rock Pigs (Pt.2, Corruption)

The hide of this peculiar beast was branded with the scorn of
FAILURE at its very conception, for the cross it bears is that of candour, in so much as it's an attempt to capture my songwriting process as honestly as could be mustered whilst under the thumb of its very own contrived evolution; the creative dilemma was akin to someone telling you not to think about the colour blue ...

Mere acknowledgement of intent immediately sullied the result; hence the project's unavoidable corruption and possible miscarriage altogether.

In essence, the material I write is almost assuredly based around ideas which've been harvested from opportune mistakes (commonly referred to as opportunites). These typically happen in one of three ways: during the initial learning phase of a new piece written by another band member, by randomly forming different chord shapes with my eyes closed and with the guitar purposely off-balanced, or by randomly pummeling the guitar with my fists in demented frustration. Executing my own songs in a terminally poor fashion also reaps me reward on occasion, and with the exception of assaulting my guitar as claimed above, all of these examples are present here.

Of course, for the more discerning of ear, the entire piece will likely be judged an assault.

In addition to these wonderous techniques however, several chords that (whilst agreeable to my senses upon a single strum) hadn’t been advanced beyond merest discovery nor graced with any picking patterns, and which had simply been written down in the back of my notebook, were also included.

These were worked on with my five year old daughter, who kindly tabulated the ones we eventually chose, as I held the shapes in place for her to decipher. The order of their eventual appearance in the song was also dictated by her, which was purposely done so as to remove any overtly conscious considerations on my part.

In another attempt to better document the gestalt of the piece, none of these sections were practised prior to being recorded at The Crunge later that evening.

For I revel in my clumsy.

A number of takes were cringed through with each separate piece and none of the mistakes were deleted. One track of each section (the least crap variant) was given a caretaker role and was required to be an adequate enough recording to prevent the track deteriorating into a total shitfest. This track would then be panned to one channel with the mistake-riddled chapter being exiled to serve on the other; two amygdalic probes vying for dominance.

There are, of course, exceptions throughout.

Every sound on this track eminated from the acoustic guitar during the normal process of simply laying the different sections down (the guitar went DI into the computer), although once this was done the recording was then subjected to several hours of brutal audio manipulation and a slew of effects strewn liberally throughout, further corrupting the result.

Rock Pigs (Pt.3, Exquisite Clutter)
is the final reference point for this experiment, and hopefully at least some of my writing process has been documented by the inclusion (and comparison) of both tracks, albiet without the usual stablemate of groundhog tedium, but no-one would wish to find themselves subjected to an hour and a half of endless falangic struggle harbouring of not very much other than a discernable lack of structure.

Not even, I suspect, for the sake of indulging artistic integrity.