Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dead fingers talk

Track Analysis:
Most natural painkiller what there is. LOVE.

Recorded on Wednesday, July 30, 1997; these were the last written words of William Seward Burroughs:

Love? What is It?
Most natural painkiller what there is.


And in so much as Burroughs’ final scrawl might initially seem a little mild to those acquainted with his canon, so too does the title of this track seem a little ungainly in the presence of several much weightier characters.

And being that the song was originally thought a little pretty and not really aligned with the other tracks, it was only recorded once its position and brevity could be adorned with both a fitting title and reasonable excuse.

Song titles normally inspire the piece, although on this occasion it merely attempts to provide justification of its own inclusion.

And occasionally the feel of a particular piece will register its intent as an album closer ...

More great photos by John Minihan (in a much higher resolution) can be found here

Since first grabbing
The Burroughs File off the shelves of Scorpio Books to randomly open it at From A distant hand lifted before flicking through to see The Moving Times [an excerpt from St Louis Return, a photo of which is shown below], there’s been no greater influence upon my own humble endeavours than his.

Read him.