Sunday, January 31, 2010

Woe bestowed upon thy talons!

With some reluctance, the decision has been made to rid my hands of the excess nail I've grown during the process of concentrating more on the nylon strings of the classical guitar. Despite being far from ridiculous in length, they greatly enhanced the tone of my fingerpicking and my burgeoning semblance of technique.

Sadly though (due to a childhood go-carting accident involving rims without tyres, ashphalt and excessive speed) my middle finger has grown somewhat retarded, and despite several frustrating attempts to remedy the problem via shaping, filing, and various other techniques, it stands defiant as a hindrance to my picking; a further crippling disfigurement my playing could well do without.

So I've decided to try (for the time being at least) to go back to my previous technique of flesh with a slight release on the fingertip. And with my need to feel the strings, I'm not currently considering the idea of picks that you can get moulded around your fingertips.

I struggle with knowing where the hell on the guitar I am anyway, so removing myself even further from the instrument doesn't sound like much of a solution.