Sunday, February 21, 2010

Album release

It seems a strange and grandly perverted happening that the release of Cnut Whispers; and still the lowest ebb doth run should coincide with the anniversary of Andrés Torres Segovia's birth in 1893, for he'd surely view such a recording as a monumental abomination, though I'm reminded of (and my shame tempered slightly by) Kurt Cobain's quote, "I can't play like Segovia. The flip side of that is that Segovia could probably never have played like me."

I'm also now slightly disappointed that my beloved Segovia SJ-90 fails to make even a token appearance on the album, which would've perhaps been akin to Cobain satisfying his retribution upon jocks by taking up basketball ...

But anyway, pointless analogies aside and asunder, this smouldering scrap of Enceladus' flesh has been hurled into the unforgiving wilderness of the internet; its gored remains now found wandering the chambers of Mediafire:

The album will be a digital release only and has accordingly been released in FLAC format (an unfortunate though necessary behemoth of Mb), as it was discovered during several pre-release compression trials that various other formats were substantially inferior - and far too much time and effort had been invested in the album to then perform auris seppuku on it for the sake of a modern (perceived) convenience. Not all media players specialise in decoding FLAC however, although it's well-supported to varying degrees by many different software applications. For more information, see the Wikipedia entry.

It's presently envisioned that tracks will be made available for individual download shortly, and the entire album will also be uploaded to The Internet Archive, which accommodates streaming (or so initial investigations would seem to imply). This will more than likely take me a couple of days to properly organise though.

Cnut Whispers; and still the lowest ebb doth run is released under this Creative Commons Licence.

I hope you enjoy it!