Saturday, February 27, 2010

Filth: A Supplement

Track Analysis:
Rock Pigs (Pt.1, Squalor)

I know, the essence of this song has already been covered in the most rudimentary of fashions here, although (to more authoritively complete the annals of this Canute Whispers documentation) I'd already written the following piece but had instead opted for the concise nature of visuals over text; a method which would probably also stand as a fairly worthy dissenter of this entire track analysis malarchy I've been doling out over the past couple of months ... 'tis an instant yet ultimately unsatisfying means, however.

And so, in an act of gratuitous consummation, here be the original text

This track is a re-recording of an electric demo originally destined (and still fated, I suspect) for The Deviant Flux. Its initial title was Filth, although after a multitude of shambolic attempts at capturing the desired feel of the song, it was rudely abandoned and discarded. Never before had such horror been bestowed upon my laptop - the shitty old Yamaha RGX-110 guitar I employ exclusively (and only) for recording electric demos normally such an easily coaxed muse.

Frustration at oneself is best bled upon a shitty-sounding acoustic though, one whose strings are so dull they demand violence before endearing upon thine ears even a modicum of usable sound - and so that's how it's battered corpse is found here.

Essentially it’s an unplugged demo version of a rock song that doesn’t even exist (at least not beyond the safety of file encryption, that is) ...

As an interesting aside to all this, and relating to the initial 'Dairy Queen' post and the embedded videos therein of Nick Oliveri and Blag Dahlia, I realised afterwards that I actually have the autographs of both these men. Which, considering that I in no manner went out of my way to obtain them, is something of a curiousity.

Nick Oliveri's came via an apology for a merchandise delay.

Blag's was in a signed copy of one of his coffee-damaged editions