Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspiration from a griot storyteller

A griot is a West African poet and wandering musician, and Lionel Loueke is one such bard.

And an outstanding example at that.

I happened to stumble across his work this afternoon, as Concert FM were playing Episode 10 (New Faces, New Strings) of a thirteen part series called 'Jazz at Lincoln Center' as I was driving across town to a Saturday meeting; not the most typical of situes in which to find oneself graced with such an ancient and normally local-centric talent, being that I'm about as far from West Africa as one could imagine ...

Unfortunately I only got the chance to here three pieces, but all bore inspiration of the highest order and had my mind a-spin.

Dude was phenomenal.

Or rather dudes, as he was accompanied during this concert by Richard Bona on bass (upright bass, if I recall correctly).

And upon returning to my abode a few hours later, immediately hauling several of Loueke's videos up from Youtube, again found myself absolutely captivated - his various guitar/effect methods, along with his musical approach and techniques in general, was a fascinating watch.