Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mission: Chapter 8

So, in the process of readying this album for release, I found myself increasingly concerned (and side-tracked) with various semantics, most of which related to preserving the dynamics of my original recordings (as discussed previously).

No longer meekly content to release lossless FLAC's and consider my goal achieved, I've decided to step rather more boldly from Octave Mirbeau's Torture Garden to start a movement dedicated to maintaining (and furthermore, proving) true dynamics within music. Seeing as I'm no sound engineer however, nor a scientist of any measure at all, perhaps (if we're to keep matters strictly bowel-related) the term 'obstruction' might yet prove more apt.

At any rate, VAMP is now a monkey dangling from my colon, and here be strewn the logo:

The idea may very well prove to be flawed (and badly) in its execution, but its conviction is absolute.

Once the album and all its innards have been made available for download, I'll expand upon the reasons behind starting VAMP and also discuss some similar alternatives I've discovered around the interweb whilst in search of viable solutions.

Until then, Octave Mirbeau gets the last words:

You're obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation. It is that permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires and all the dead formalities and vain pretenses of your civilization which makes you sad, troubled and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality, because at every moment they suppress and restrain and check the free play of your powers. That's the poisoned and mortal wound of the civilized world.