Thursday, February 4, 2010

Momentary lapse of releasing

Well, despite the album now being complete and readied upon Apollo's altar, the bullnose’s tendency to rear its ugly head as the end of an assignment is nigh has once again be roused; an annoyance otherwise referred to as a bottleneck through which time is unable to be rationally scrunched without the inevitable bane of hindsight tomorrow.

And so delay is of utmost importance because, prior to the augur of its entrails, each facet requires satisfaction before the hollowed corpse of its entirety may be granted rest. All of which involves indecent amounts of pendanticism, as do the majority of cathartic endeavours.

But where would catharsis be without pained details?
For therein lies its merit!

What can be confirmed, however, is that the final mixdowns have all been created, although I’m currently pondering how best to release them, as the quality of the MP3’s I’d initially (and reluctantly) considered offering for download (as this medium seems an evil that’s been accepted by contemporary listeners of music) are far from satisfactory considering the hours of tedious processing I’ve performed on the original, dynamic waveforms. It seems a waste to now automatically discard a large portion of the sound simply for the sake of a perceived, modern convenience.

And why perpetuate the problem of inferior sound quality with my own clutter when all I’d accomplish would be adding to the general noise? T’would hardly seem a suitable high-horse from which to throw any future argument ... !

Quite what the answer is though, I’m not too sure, but the next step is to look further into the viability of FLAC, as I’ve seen this format posturing as a saviour (and with some ferocity!) in too many ‘lossless versus lossy’ discussions to simply ignore it.

But aside from this obvious descent into audio geekery, it might also be prudent to mention the completion of the album’s artwork - the grimness captured thereupon pleasing to all my sensibilities.

So all that properly remains is some tidying up of the liner note credits, looking into Creative Commons Licensing, attempting to officially align myself with the ‘Turn it up’ movement, before settling upon an agreeable file format.

Then it’ll just be a matter of uploading the behemoth.

Unfortunately, however, the only answer to a lack of time is, well, time itself ... so I’m buying thyself another five days and pushing the official release date back to February 9.