Thursday, March 4, 2010

From parasite to host: a presence is felt

Until now, Nosebleed Cinema's presence within the corridors of Freesound had been a largely parasitic one; its only redeeming feature being the placement of a couple of pleasant comments upon the pages of others.

Now however, having thoroughly plundered all available soundscapes and ambiences created by Further and myself (at The Crunge/Groovy Guru Studios and the TNB Outflow No.2 Studios respectively), and having subsequently utilised all those found to be appropriate for various projects, the remainder have now been made available at Freesound under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 Licence.

Pack 1
The offal which'd been discarded into a pit of ambient despair during the creation of Cnut is now freely available for those who see fit to make use of as they may, courtesy of the sample pack titled Manipulated Acoustics:

Pack 2
The second sample pack pre-dates Cnut by quite some time and faithfully captures that which at the time we weren't aware of being captured, the wailing cries of a band undergoing dismemberment. Aptly named Harvesting Feedback, this group of sounds involves a shitty SG guitar being thumped and otherwise mishandled in front of a replica VOX AC-30 amplifier in an effort to generate feedback:

The aforementioned album which utilised various captures from this session (though largely not appearing here) shall be left unnamed, as it's currently undergoing a bloodfest of surgery in Rutherford Street Studios.