Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spare Ass Annie

Much as Dante Alighieri's guide was Virgil, Burroughs has proved an important sounding board to myself; if such bloated swill as this ever be (re)deemable as a claim from such amateur a pen as my own. 

Fear not though, for all perceived agonies thrust upon those I dare to tar with my feathered hand shall be fleeting, as the post originally destined for this page has since been doused with cold water; a grander idea blossoming from its contemplation ...

All shall be unveiled next Tuesday.

T'would be a shame to waste the photograph originally intended to accompany the non-existent blathering merely hinted to in the above excuse for text though ... 

This collection of William Burroughs' output (sadly abridged through various unreturned borrowings over the years) is far from comprehensive of course, in fact it's downright meagre, but as a bookend to a new blog post it might at least salvage some purpose for itself.