Sunday, April 11, 2010

Atop dead oceans; wading with Palinurus

So this morning I pre-ordered the new Frog Eyes album Paul's Tomb: A Triumph (2xLP) from Dead Oceans, which I anxiously await the delivery of. Until then, however, the instant download which kindly accompanied my purchase will more than suffice. In fact, beyond even physical acquisition, the digital version may well have to serve me further, as my old record player has a tendency to slowly warp the speed of an album due to a variety of belt tension issues. In fact, Carey Mercer's last outing (Blackout Beach's glorious album Skin of Evil) is still pristine and as yet unopened as a result of my technical (re)tardiness.

Needless to say (but declare it nevertheless I shall!) Paul's Tomb is outstanding ...

For a more polished account of the album however, there's a nice description at The Decibel Tolls (and a free MP3 of Lear in Love).