Sunday, April 4, 2010

Infected Monkeys (Re-Issue)

Infected Monkeys was a ten-page text comic first (self-)published back in 1997, with several copies being sold for the princely sum of two dollars an issue; itself a premium considering the content. Due to my completely forgetting its existence, this booklet was neglected mention recently, a pristine copy of the bastard resurfacing amongst a dusty rummage through my old notebooks (photographed below).

With regards the Spice Girl stickers, sometimes it's nice 
to have items linked to a certain time and space.

The text contained within this new edition of Infected Monkeys has been left absolutely untouched (itself cut and pasted directly from its original Pagemaker format - unread), although the accompanying images have been updated as the original version was appalling in its transparency. You won't understand this statement unless you have a vintage copy of this edition of course, which you won't, and that's just dandy. Preferable, in fact. 

Anyway, a PDF of this shitty re-issue (resplendent within the shroud of its original cover art) can be downloaded via Mediafire from here.

An aside: This project, purposely constructed from cut-ups hacked from a previous text comic which failed to sell appropriately (the offender titled 'Monkeys Dangle From My Colon'), was spread across the floor of someone's flat in various stages of disrepair as the news of William Burroughs' death was reported on the late night news.