Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Underwood and the lost graveyard transcripts

Despite having not actually used one for the last fourteen or so years, 'twas sad news indeed to hear today of the last typewriter factory's demise. Sadder still that I heard it via Twitter perhaps. 

Anyway, nostalgia time and a few odd scrobbles from around 1997 ...

This was part of a series of photographs that I took around various 
cemeteries (mainly Linwood Cemetery, from memory). The idea of 
typing text onto them was an afterthought stemming from boredom 
probably. No other use for the photos and no paper to hand.

No resources for billboard campaigns;
armed, however, with scissors, notebook, and a typewriter.

Not sure what this was about but I like the forehead decoration

Part of a larger piece concerning Michael Hutchence's death, 
not quite sure how this character was related to it - 
most likely her clothing just provided a tidy canvas.

No typewriter action here at all, but fun nevertheless:
"An earnest hem giving way"

Something to do with James K Baxter and my 
appalling knowledge of his religious activities; 
just enough hearsay to make useless comment.

This photograph was taken at the Addington Cemetery 
on Selwyn Street, the text reflecting upon the brutal 
honesty of some graffiti which proclaimed 'I AM DEAD' 
across the face of a gravestone in red spraypaint.

Another from the cemetery series:
"As the sun goes down my wings fall off 
and I am returned to the underground"