Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Courage vs cowardice

Indeed, two-faces of the same sword - mightier almost than the pen and just as self-serving ...

So then, to edits. 

Could it be considered courageous to share work that's purposely shown in-progress and unfinished? Perhaps. Though I'd argue it's braver still to release work that's complete and emended to satisfaction, for only then can the writer truly establish ownership and declare the piece done. Which is a difficult place to get to - that point where the sum of one's labour and output is compiled into a singular statement of artistic spirit. 

Releasing mere edits (contrary to the initial motivation behind the Nosebleed Cinema Installation) could therefore be seen as a far safer option, for it provides a fairly effective (if wholly undesirable) crutch; the allowance is always there to fall back and say, "aah yes, but this is not finished," a luxury that published works forsake in muscular favour of sealing the sword in the stone and walking away - done.

Only (for reasons previously bleated elsewhere in this blog) it's not quite that simple, suffice to say that the only means by which this intended installation works is by affording the viewer an insight into the working process; the fact that it's a piece under construction is made unavoidably obvious. For if it was simply a matter of publishing incorrect chapter after incorrect chapter, with no editing notes at all, then it would never be allowed into the public arena. In fact, and rightfully so, its very presence in the wild would be indecipherable from that of catastrophic failure and would surely offer nothing but awkwardness on both sides of the ledger. 

And contained within the photograph below is the heavily-veiled example that shan't be offered to bolster any such argument, lest one approach the might of the pen with, not a sword, but a papercut instead ... !

The completed rough drafts of books two and three

Phyrric. FTW